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3x Fail Driver's Manual Course
Learner Permit Re-Examination


3x Fail Re-Exam

Learn online from the comfort of your home. Proceed at your own pace and come and go as often as you'd like. Test prep tools included!

Certificates are emailed to student the same day the course is completed!

8 Hour Course


3x Fail Re-Exam

Join us at 1207 N. Laburnum Ave. Richmond, VA 23223 for the 8hr Driver's Manual Learner Permit Re-Examination Class.

Classes held the third Friday of every month at 9:30am.

8 Hour Class


These classes are for students 18+ that failed their Virginia Learner Permit Exam 3 times. OR for teens under the age of 18 that have completed their 30 hour driver’s education program AND failed their permit exam 3 times.

If you are under the age of 18 and have failed your permit exam 3 times but have not yet taken the 30hr driver’s ed. you can simply take driver’s education to become eligible to re-take your permit exam. Register for 30hr Teen Driver’s Education HERE.

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3-Test DMV Failure Driver's Manual
Re-Examination for Teens & Adults

The 3-Test DMV Failure/Re-Examination course is an incredibly useful resource for those who have struggled with passing the written DMV test. This specially crafted course is designed to equip both teens and adults with the necessary tools and knowledge required to increase their chances of success when taking the test at the DMV. No matter how many times you may have failed, this course will help you gain the confidence and skills that you need to finally pass the exam. Whether you simply have trouble retaining the information or struggle with anxiety during the exam, our expertly crafted course will help ensure that you are fully prepared to ace the DMV test the next time around.

For students over the age of 18 OR those who have already completed the required classroom potion of driver’s education, CDIC offers this class both IN PERSON and ONLINE.

For students under age 18 and HAVE NOT completed the classroom portion of driver’s education, they may enroll in CDIC’s 30-HOUR ONLINE DRIVER’S EDUCATION COURSE.

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Both our in-person and online driver's manual courses are certified and approved by the Virginia DMV. After completing the program you will earn a certificate that will allow you to visit the DMV and take the written permit exam again.