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Does CDIC offer both in-person and online courses?

Yes we do! We offer 8hr Virginia Driver Improvement, 8hr 3x Fail Driver's Manual, and 30 hour online Driver's Ed. entirely online! To learn more visit our online course portal here: CDIC Online Courses

Where exactly is CDIC located?

We are located inside of the Dominion Village Shopping Center at the corner of Creighton Rd. and Laburnum Ave. The closest landmarks to us are:

Jackie’s Soul Food
Wawa (across from the 7-Eleven)
Henrico Credit Union (Our door is directly in front of their drive thru aisles, stating “driving school” in red letters.

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Do you accept walk-in appointments?

We accept walk-ins for our Drivers Improvement course only until the class’s capacity has been reached. To secure seating in advance, registrants are always welcome to book here.

Can I make a deposit towards the total cost of my driving course(s)?

Essentially, yes! You’re welcome to book each service separately (i.e. Driver’s Education Classroom Only and then, Behind-the-Wheel at a later date).

Upon successful completion of a Driver Improvement course, will CDIC mail or fax my certificate to DMV or the court?

After each class, course records are submitted to the DMV within 24 business hours.Court records cannot be submitted virtually. However, in any instance, we recommend following any submissions request listed on the court order or compliance summary, (i.e. faxing or mailing instructions, etc.)

I'm over the age of 18. Do I still need a VA Learner's Permit?

Yes. DMV requires that every driver obtain a Learner’s Permit in the state of Virginia before becoming licensed, regardless of age. You can read more about it on DMV’s website.

How long are your Driver Improvement and 8-Hour Driver's Manual classes?

Both of these classes are exactly 8 hours in length. You can take them both online from home, or in-person at our local driving school.

How long is the online driver's education course?

The state of Virginia requires that driver’s education courses/classes are at least 30 hours. In person classes are 36 50 minute sessions which also amounts to exactly 30 hours. Our online course is exactly 30 hours in length, and be taken at your own pace. You can logout and return to the course at anytime. The state of Virginia also requires a 90 minute presentation for teens and their parents. Our online program includes this 90 minutes and is separate from the 30 hour online course.

How can I see my driving record and/or book an appointment at DMV?

You can log directly on to DMV’s site here to view your driving record or this link to book an appointment.

At what age can you obtain a Learner's Permit or Driver's License in Virginia?

Teens are able to apply for a Virginia Learner’s Permit at the age of 15 years old and six months. At age 16 years and 3 months, teens can officially become licensed through our Driver’s Education program (to include 36-hours of classroom instruction and 14 in-car sessions – 7 driving and 7 observing)

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit, money order. CashApp ($CDICdriving), Venmo (CDICdriving) and PayPal (cdicdrivingschool).

How can I become a licensed driving instructor?

CDIC is certified to license instructors in the State of Virginia. For inquiries, please submit an email or resume to info@cdicdrivingschool.com