In-Person 3x Fail Re-Examination $150.00

For Adults and Teens

The 3-Test DMV Failure/Re-Examination course is an incredibly useful resource for those who have struggled with passing the written DMV test. This specially crafted course is designed to equip both teens and adults with the necessary tools and knowledge required to increase their chances of success when taking the test at the DMV. No matter how many times you may have failed, this course will help you gain the confidence and skills that you need to finally pass the exam. Whether you simply have trouble retaining the information or struggle with anxiety during the exam, our expertly crafted course will help ensure that you are fully prepared to ace the DMV test the next time around.

  • This course is for students over the age of 18 who failed their permit exam 3 times.
  • This course is also for students under age 18 who already completed their 30 hour driver’s education course and failed the permit exam 3 times.
  • Students who failed the permit exam 3 times but HAVE NOT completed the 30hr classroom portion of driver’s education, can take driver’s ed. instead: 30-HOUR ONLINE DRIVER’S EDUCATION COURSE.

Upon successful completion of each course, the soon-to-be driver will be allowed to test for up to one year at the DMV.

Walk-Ins accepted on day of class until seats are filled. $5 additional fee for walk-in students.

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Taking this course…

  • You failed the Virginia DMV written test 3 times and you need to take a course before you can take the general knowledge written test a 4th time and thereafter
  • If you are 18 years or older, then this course is for you!
  • If you are under age 18, you must have previously completed the classroom component of driver education consisting of 36 fifty minute sessions, and provide proof of completion before you can enroll in this course
  • Course is based on the most current Virginia Driver’s Manual
  • Course is designed to better prepare you for the DMV general knowledge written test